Live Better With
Live Better With
Advisory, Equity Investment
Led a £1.5m equity round, which included three institutional investors and a selection of value-added angel investors.
Advised On £160m Acquisition
Advised on £160m acquisition
Advisory, Debt, M&A
Provided advice to a UK PLC on the successful acquisition of a competitor company. The acquisition was complex due to the competitive nature of the bidding process as well as the aggressive timetable involved. As well as the general M&A advice, New Model also assisted the client in arranging for a syndicate of banks to part fund the acquisition.
Advised On £100m Cross Border Acquisition
Advised on £100m cross border acquisition
Advisory, Debt, M&A
New Model provided advice to a UK PLC on successful cross border acquisition. This involved the acquisition of a strategically important holding company in the Southern Hemisphere, with subsidiaries located in six separate geographic locations. New Model assisted in the due diligence, negotiation, structuring and completion of the multi-currency acquisition.
Equity Investment
Secured £1.5m placement for medical device manufacturer.
Arranged £3m Revolving Debt Facility For Specialist Finance Company
Arranged £3m revolving debt facility for specialist finance company
Debt, Transactions
Arranged the provision of debt from a managed special purpose vehicle to a specialist finance company to finance the acquisition of a portfolio of loans, as well as revolving funding. This innovative specialist debt funding acquired secured, short term loans. New Model structured the funding to fit with the profile of the on-going revolving debt facilities required and the returns driven funder.
Property Detective
Property Detective
Equity Investment, M&A
Arranged £250k strategic investment into online property intelligence business, Property Detective, from UK public company, Zoopla.
Arranged £3.5m Debt Facility For Unique Affordable Housing Company
Arranged £3.5m debt facility for unique affordable housing company
Advisory, Debt
Arranged the provision of structured, subordinated debt from a managed special purpose vehicle to a unique affordable housing company. New Model structured the funding to satisfy the running yield requirements of the lender and the relatively complex cash flow profile of the borrower. The provision of subordinated debt enabled a superior return for the lender, as well as a secured subordinated debt position directly in the assets of the company through a bankruptcy remote special purpose funding vehicle.
Equity-linked Loan Financing For New Alternative Energy System
Equity-linked loan financing for new alternative energy system
Advisory, Debt, Equity Investment
UK-based business with a patented, radical new wind turbine system, which dramatically improves efficient power output, required significant proof-of-concept funding. New Model arranged the necessary funding through a US investor and potential JV partner for a design and development programme. This required positioning the finance offer for an investor partner with a ratcheted equity incentive. In total £7.6m of equity-linked finance was raised. Final commercialisation of the energy system is targeted for 2017/18, focusing on the US, European and Middle Eastern markets.
£400m Diversified Offshore Financial Services Company
£400m diversified offshore financial services company
Following a review of its business to streamline resources, a strategy was formed to re-focus the company on its most potentially profitable areas and improve shareholder value. The company had been loss-making for several years and the founding shareholder group was seeking an exit in the short-medium term. Since implementing the proposals that stemmed from the review, the company has returned to profitability.
Secondary Purchase From US Public Company
Secondary purchase from US public company
Exit, M&A
Facilitated the £2m acquisition of shares in private Singaporean company from US-listed company.
Equity Investment
Facilitated £1.3m placement for online SaaS business.